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Hello Again, Dear Friends! I do realize that I have been a very absent blogger as of late but the fact is that these two Little Folks above have kept me hopping. There are some days when I’m not sure what I was thinking to take on homeschooling. These are usually the days when I ask someone to recite their Latin vocabulary and I get a blank stare as if they are new to this planet and this is the first they are hearing of a language called Latin or its vocabulary. Or, it takes one of them 10 minutes to find a ruler when they have used the very same ruler everyday for the past week! But, actually, most days are quite wonderful and begin with very stimulating discussions on the Scriptures we’re working on for the week and their applications, the music of the Great Masters resounding through our family room, and two “starving”, happy kids looking very much like they do above sitting at my counter ready for breakfast….yes, most days are very good indeed!

Let us press on, shall we…


  • Out- Meeting a friend for dinner!


  • turkey tacos
  • spanish rice


  • chicken and rice soup
  • homemade bread


  • turkey meatballs
  • homemade bread


  • chicken enchiladas
  • cowboy beans


  • Friends for dinner-TBD


  • Friends for dinner-TBD

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