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Double Standard

” There are two things I can’t stand, people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch!”

Remember this line from Austin Powers? I must say that I am also guilty of (inappropriately albeit) subscribing to a double standard for there are two things that I cannot stand, the killing of any living thing and spiders. Okay, so there is the obvious issue of my arachnophobia which probably has deep roots in my childhood and is quite irrational, I admit. But please tell me if you met my friend here, we’ll just call him Tiny…

actual "house" spider found on my brother's front porch

(Is anyone else flashing back to the Lord of the Rings, right now? “Get back, Filth!”) Don’t you think the Law of the Jungle would apply here? I mean I see this and I think it is either kill or be killed!

My eight year old daughter is a self proclaimed animal activist who patiently captures insects she finds in the house in a jar and returns them to the wild from whence they came. She is always very upset when she witnesses any insect homicide but I just don’t know…I think unless you wanna go maverick and saddle up this Big Boy, it’s curtains for Tiny.

Poor Guy. What a world, what a world…

Does anyone else have a (distrubing) double standard?


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